Friday, November 12, 2010

The Facebook Rant

So I'm going to start off my blog, yes, with a rant. Now please don't stop reading before you've even begun... I do plan to put up all sorts of topics, but this is something that's been bugging me for a while now, sooooo.... here goes.....

Now, I realize that saying I'm a facebook addict is a bit of an understatement. I'd say I'm in need of a full blown facebook 12-step program. After a quick google search, (yes, Google is another one of my full blown addictions) I have found a real 12 step program I can try. haha But I think the first step to curing any addiction is to admit there is a problem, so I'm already ahead of the game, no?

Anyway, there have been some things that I have seen people do on Facebook that really grind my gears. Here is a list:

#1 - Constantly lurking but never leaving any status updates or comments. I have seen friends who show up as online in the chat area but I almost NEVER see them update their status and their wall shows pretty much no activity since like, 2008. You guys just on FB to snoop? Seriously why be a part of a social networking site when you are, well, not being social?

#2 - Posting only when you're doing something completely fabulous. You want to know why I have the impression that your life is nothing but champagne and trips to Bali? Well, because that's the only thing on your wall. How you made the money is irrelevant... all I see are the trips. Its cool though. Just don't be suprised that people think you do nothing but party :).

#3 - Posting only when you're pissed or bitchy. I'm guilty of this one quite frequently myself, and I'm working on it. Ok, so maybe the vast majority of the day you are even-keel and things are going just fine, but then your boss/dog/kid/random person makes you mad and you feel the need to post on FB. Remember, this is fine, but we want to hear about the happy times too!

#4 - The like button is there for a reason. Maybe you don't have a comment to go under my status, but if you at least click the "like" button, I'll know my comment wasn't in vain. :) I have some 200 "friends" now but maybe 2 people actually respond to my statuses. It's kind of depressing really. It makes me think people have blocked my status updates. If you don't want to see what I have to say, are you really my friend?

#5 - Yes, I do like attention. You've probably noticed. This really has nothing to do with Facebook... haha.

#6 - I don't care about your Farmville or how you did in all those little games. I used to play Family Fued and Sorority Life until I realized how obnoxious it was to fill up people's walls with that stuff. Thank god facebook has a feature now where you can block the game feeds, but still, when I go to your page to look at your wall, all I see are game rewards and things. So yah, I probably won't be visiting your wall again. I want to know what you are doing outside of your game life... assuming that you have a life outside of Farkle? ;)

#7 - POLITICS. Where do I begin? How bout here... If you post something extremely controversial, then people with different opinions are going to give you their two cents and it aint always gonna be pretty. Recently I had a friend post that airports shouldn't be allowed to see your naked body through an x-ray scanner and we should just take down terrorists with our bare hands. Mmmmm hmmm... k. I commented that they can see my nakedness all they want if it keeps a terrorist from crashing the plane. I was promptly axed from this person's friends list. I guess choosey mothas are pretty choosy about who they'll associate with. But seriously, folks, politics are soooo devisive. I've posted a few political things but I'd never give someone the axe for having a different opinion.

#8 - Speaking of politics, another thing that really gets me are those people who never express a LICK of intrest in my life, but will jump all over anything I say that they don't agree with. Here's the thing, I might actually listen to what you have to say if I thought you gave a crap about me otherwise. Oh, and if I bother you so much that everything I say inflames you, we probably shouldn't be "friends", aye?

#9 - Never tell anyone how much money you make. Nuff said.

#10 - Do not send me an event invite to anything that I cannot physically show up for. Wearing a purple shirt to stop the hate isn't really an "event." It becomes an event when you give me someplace to go and give me some drinks or something... haha. I am not gonna lie... I get a happy feeling when my phone alert goes off, but unfortunately it makes the same sound for Facebook e-mails and event invites. Sadly, I get more spam event invites than I get e-mails. You think I want to watch a hippo dance like Michael Jackson? WTF? Where do these invites even come from???

#11 - Don't complain about how or what I post unless you actually communicate with me on FB. If it bothers you that bad, there is a button you can click so you never have to look at my posts again.

#12 - Don't actually click that button..... see #5.

#13 - I'm not against song lyric statuses, but I want to hear about YOUR life, not the bands'. That is, unless you are IN the band, then I suppose you have the rights to the lyrics :). Once again, the occasional lyric post aint no big thang, but every status?

#14 - Posting about one topic... the same topic... every time you post. Why do I think you drink too much? Because all of your statuses are about going out to drink, that's why. So gosh, when you wonder why I have that opinion of you, look at your profile page and there's your answer. Post about other things too and it will look like you do other things besides drink. Just sayin....

Well, that's all I've got for now. If you have something that bugs you on Facebook, please comment below! Also, I know that I'm guilty of some things that are really irritating to some, one being that I post a lot of videos. I'm going to try to solve that problem by putting the videos into this blog, in a special video category. This way when I feel the need to share with my FB friends, I can just link up the blog and you can feel free to see them there.

Happy Facebooking Y'all. Also, please subscribe to my blog! I promise it won't be all rants and just things about FB, but if that's what you want.... see #5. I'll do it for you, if it gets me #5.

:) :) :)

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