Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I was going to write a blog tonight about this whole Prince William - Kate Middleton engagement. I quickly realized how mundane and boring that blog was shaping up to be after, oh, about 3 sentences so I scrapped it. To summarize, all it basically said was that I have no idea why any countries still have royalty. I mean, hmmm... what is our closest thing to royalty in the USA? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Are we going to watch Zahara's multi-zillion dollar wedding on TV some day? I mean, her mom likes to draw attention to social and political causes. K, so Angie started out as a homewrecker but she's doing cool things now. I mean look at what a diverse family they have... that should make for a lot of really interesting weddings in about 20 years... :) But seriously folks, William is prematurely balding and not aging quite so well, and Kate, yes she is gorgeous but what exactly has she done that makes people even care what she's doing? I read somewhere she works with her family business, which is cool because they built up their own business which makes millions. I also read somewhere that they had been dating for like 8 years. Over on this side of the pond we'd call that woman a doormat. I can see why they started calling her "Waity Katey." Who wants to marry a dude that doesn't want to commit for like 8 years? But whatevs, he's loaded and she's pretty so lets all stare. We worship these people because they are "well-bred." They're like the world's show dogs only less cute. Britney and Lindsey are a heckofalot more entertaining. When this Kate girl starts doing lines of coke, flashing the paparazzi, and heading into rehab, then we have a story. Ok, ok, she could also do some humanitarian work but for gosh sakes she should do something interesting if we're gonna talk about them.

SSSSOOOOOOOOOO Enough about that. Ramble ramble ramble. I promise I'll come up with something better tomorrow!

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