Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just running Santa's errands....

Well I was about to put up a status about my trip to Wal Mart tonight, but I quickly realized it took more than a couple of sentences to explain what I'm trying to say. Folks... it's another rambly night.

Basically I just don't have a lot of time to go Christmas shopping. When Dan actually has time to watch the kids, that is when I have to work. Then when I get home, he goes to work, so I can't escape over to shop. I mean heck, I live literally right off Wal Mart's driveway so it shouldn't be that hard, right? Yah, well, it wouldn't be if I didn't have small children whom I can't leave alone or the CPS might haul them away and I just don't think I'd like jail that much either.

So, tonight I was in dire need of some printer paper. Oops, forgot to replenish my supply last time I was out. So, Dan had already left and I had 2 kids that were majorly on edge from not getting a nap. Apparently I'm the only one that puts my foot down about that sort of thing. It was an emergency though, so I packed up the kids and took that long 30 second drive over to Wal Mart. We go in and I promise the kids that if they are good we can go look at the toys and they can tell me what they like best so we can tell Santa.

After looking awhile, Ava and Corinne found a couple of cool things that were right at the price I was looking to spend. Since I absolutely hate having to make a special trip just for that (especially to Wal Mart with all 2 checkout lanes that are ever open and the long lines in them of people haggling over sale ads and whatnot), I decide to just grab the toys right in front of my kids and carry them up to the register. Of course Ava wants to carry hers, only I had to tell her it wasn't for her. She looks at me confused, so I have to tell one of those "parental lies." I told her that some kids don't get presents at Christmas (didn't go into any more detail... didn't want to have to explain why Santa might miss houses...) and that I was going to give those away. Ava didn't even argue, her mind was on some bath crayons that I had promised to get. I had grabbed a barbie for Toys for Tots, so I was truly getting stuff to give away, but I just can't believe that was the last I heard of it! By golly somehow I pulled that one off. I'm going to miss the days when you can buy presents right in front of your kids and be able to pull off Christmas morning telling them they're from Santa. LOL Ava saw me put the Barbie in the Toys for Tots box and for whatever reason she assumed I had put them all in there, nevermind that I was still carrying 2 bags.

I don't know why I'm rambling about all this. I just find it amusing that I get away with that from time to time.

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  1. I like to bury the presents under groceries, then go through elaborate distractions at the checkout and make the cashier triple bag things. Seems simpler to me!